When can I redeem my cashback?

Once you reach 20€ in cashback you can redeem it directly to your bank account, an Amazon gift card, or via PayPal. That's right 🔥

Just follow these easy steps to cash in on your cashback:

Step 1. Keep shopping and accumulating cashback. Click on the "gold coin" to see your cashback balance! You are ready to redeem it once you have reached the 20€ amount!

Step 2. Select how you would like your cashback! Just click on "Redeem" and select the option that works best for you - direct bank transfer, Paypal, or Amazon Gift card.

If you are redeeming your cashback through Paypal or Amazon Gift card, please make sure to put the Email address used for the account you are redeeming the amount to.

Step 3. Voila! Your cashback is on its way to you!

Are you having problems with your cashback? Write to us at support@bestprice.com and our savings experts will get in touch with you shortly!

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