How does the BestPrice extension work in my browser?

The BestPrice extension is currently available for download on Chrome and will instantly start finding the best savings for you, once it has been added to your navigation bar, as shown in How to Install BestPrice here

You can receive coupons and cashback in two ways:

  1. Directly from the BestPrice extension

  • Once you have installed the BestPrice extension and pinned it to your toolbar, you will see codes, deals, and cashback appear in the pop-up shown below. If you have not already installed our extension you set it up in just a few easy steps of how to install the extension

  • In your browser, simply enter the store you want to purchase with, and our extension will pop up if there are active codes, coupons, and cashback. For example, if you are browsing through Lefties you will see the applicable coupons and cashback pop-up and notify you of valid coupons and cashback.

  • When you see BestPrice pop up, click on "See Savings" to see more deals in our extension, or "Activate cashback" in just one click.

  • If you have copied the discount code, simply paste it on the payment screen of the online store and you will see the total savings applied to your cart. We are working on an auto-coupon application to make your checkout experience even better!

  1. Directly from the BestPrice website
  • Go to BestPrice and search for your favorite stores, like Ikea etc to get the highest amount of savings through coupons and cashback.

Psssst ✅ Don't forget to sign up to track your cashback!

  • On our website you can search for deals directly and also in the future save your favorite stores, create your wishlist and so much more!

  • BestPrice will redirect you to your chosen code where you can copy the code on checkout and cashback will be automatically activated! Just remember to shop in the same re-directed link.

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